Please find our services listed below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will make sure to get your questions answered.


We offer quality mechanics that have over 15 years of experience in multiple reputable dealerships including BMW and Mercedes. Our mechanics are up to date with the latest software to accommodate your newest 2020 models. This allows us to work on a wide variety of vehicles.


What makes us Awesome Tire is that we offer both new and used tires upon request. All of our used tires are 80% thread, pressure checked and inspection certified. There isn't a more secure place to buy used tires in Houston. As for our new tires, we are able to have any of your tires requested ordered in by the next business day. Our equipment allows us to change up to 22 inch rims.  We also balance and patch tires.


We offer a Multi-Point Inspection to every one of our new customers, which allows us to get a full grasp of the history and general maintenance of your vehicle. It also allows us to pinpoint the problems that is of concerns, as well as anticipate any future problems that you may be faced with. We charge $35 for the inspection which is completely REFUNDABLE if any of the contracted work is accepted.


We offer complete suspension service on your vehicle, tie rods, wheel bearings, shocks, lower control arms, ball joints, you name it we do it. We also offer suspension CUSTOMIZATION such as LIFT & LOWERING KITS.


Our collision specialists are some of the top Houston has to offer, guaranteeing certified quality work anytime we touch your vehicle. We are equipped with all the tools to provide the nothing less than perfection. We offer free estimates remotely all you have to do is send us some pictures and provide us with the vin. Check out our gallery to be amazed! P.S. Stay tuned, We look to begin wrapping cars starting 2021!


When it comes to your vehicles oil change, you could not be in better hands. Our software informs us on the best fit oil and filter for your vehicle. This guarantees the health of your vehicle to leave better than when it came in.